A portion of Phyllis's fees are donated to the communities she serves, including but not limited to

- Gardnerville, Nevada

- North Sacramento Area, CA

- Sonoma County, CA

- Big Island, Hawaii

- Molokai', Hawaii

- Helena, Montana



From Angela R

I first met Phyllis Bala when she came to Hawaii in 2001. From the first time we ever spoke with one another we recognized we were friends and allies. Our relationship continues to grow in depth and integrity, as does our commitment to each other and our earth-based community. When Phyllis and I work together with clients the richness of our sharing multiplies exponentially. We overlap at the heart center in the work we do with people who seek consultation from us, while we inspire, expand, support and empower ourselves and our clients each, in our own unique way. I have over 34 years of experience in health care. Actually my first direct experiences in health care go back even further and were seeded when I was hospitalized as a 12 year old, later as a 14 year old and then again as an 18 year old. I chose to become a RN after going to a semester of College.

I very soon realized an allopathic approach just did not resonate with my heart-mind-spirit. I quickly shifted to a holistic model, studying every technique and approach I could get my hands on. Nutrition and plant medicine seem to be what I most align with in all aspects of my life. I grow “food as medicine" gardens and assist those interested in starting their own gardens. I make most all of my own personal care products and am happy to show others how they can do this as well. In the past 25 years I have expanded my knowledge into the sphere of Energy Medicine. It is from this context I began seeing more into the spiritual nature of all life and experiencing the one-ness in all. I have always been a community player.

I am intentionally moving to greater and greater simplicity in my own personal life and my approach to health. I believe health and well-being are our divine nature and it is only when we are out of balance, physically-emotionally-spiritually that ill-health ensues. There are essentially basic to achieving health and with an open heart and willingness; regaining health and harmony can be really quite simple.

It is my nature to share information, support those who seek help and nurture all that honors and respects life. I recognize these qualities (and more) in Phyllis and I believe that is why over the years, by aligning our energies, we have successfully helped many people in simple, yet profound ways.






The information and practices described are based on the experience and research of the author. They are not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or other healthcare provider. All matters pertaining to your health should be supervised by a licensed healthcare professional.

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